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First Things First
  • Phone your insurance company to register your claim. They will allocate a claim number to your incident. Everything revolves around this number! Please bring it with you or phone it through to us.
  • If you have full cover insurance and there are two parties involved, make a claim through your own insurance company. If you are not at fault you will have no excess to pay and the claim will not affect your policy history at all.
  • If you do not have insurance or are third party insured only, you will need to know the other parties insurance company or their claim number so you can make a claim against them.
  • Your claim can only be cleared once the insurer has an uninsured declaration signed by you. The insurer will provide the form.
The Assessment
Acacia Motel
  • We will take digital images and prepare a quote for your insurance company. We will then forward this to them via the appropriate system.
  • Once your claim is accepted by your insurance company we can book your vehicle in for the repairs.
Acacia Motel